Terms of Use

Please read through the following Terms of Use carefully, which apply to every visitor and every user of our platform apps and website aneo.io or any other app or website related to the aneo project. Through the use of the website, you give your implied consent to these Terms of Use.

Service & Applicability

The following General Terms of Use apply to all business relations with our users.
Our Terms of Use apply exclusively. Any deviating, inconsistent or supplementary general terms of use of the user shall become an integral part of the contract only if and to the extent that we have expressly approved the validity thereof in writing.
ANEO is a gaming and NFT platform, a digital NFT (Solana) ANEO Robot manufacturer that is created on the Ethereum blockchain and uses specially developed “smart contracts”. The application enables users to acquire, possess, modify, transfer, collect, trade and use in some videogames unique digital 3D robots (hereinafter “ANEORobots Collectibles” or “Robots”, technically a token in the blockchain environment). ANEO makes a platform app and a website available for this purpose. The user community should also be granted access to the platform so that it can take part in the minting of ANEORobot Collectibles.
We use the network to start the website and to make the  first generations of ANEORobot Collectibles available to the platform once. We will publish further ANEORobot Collectibles and offer them for sale at irregular intervals.Every ANEORobot Collectable provided on the NFT platform is unique and special and can be purchased as a dynamic non-fungible Solana token. The ANEORobot Collectable cannot be destroyed or taken away from any other user. ANEORobot are digital 3D Hybrid Mecha Robot that are developed on 3D design professionals and set up on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain. These ANEORobots can be purchased and sold with Ether and be upgraded with gaming skils and power characteristics to get advantage in the game. The ANEORobots of each project generation are offered only as a limited unit with a unique identification number and statistics. Based on the principle of digital rarity, some of the items are rarer than others, like in the real world.
Entertainment: ANEO is developing a battle game which users can appear in with their ANEORobots Collectibles. Our team also try to promote integration and collaboration with various videogames and platforms and by doing so, enhances the utility for users so they can decide how they wish to enjoy their assets.

II. Fees & Payment

To conduct transactions on our website, you must first install a browser extension named MetaMask (or another cryptocurrency-compatible browser extension). This requires that you have installed a web browser compatible for this, such as the Google Chrome web browser. MetaMask is an electronic wallet (“Wallet”) that allows you to purchase cryptocurrency and NFTs directly, and conduct transactions in cryptocurrency. You can conduct transactions on our website only via MetaMask (or other cryptocurrency-compatible browser extensions). To do so, you must connect your Wallet to our website.
In order to purchase an ANEORobot Collectible or additional functions, extensions or modifications, the prices shown for the respective products must be paid by sign up to aneo.io website.
If you conduct transactions on the website, these transactions will be conducted solely via the Ethereum cryptocurrency network.
Cryptocurrencies demand the payment of a transaction fee, for transactions that take place on the network. You must therefore pay such a transaction fee for each transaction. On the website, we offer you a platform where you can trade your ANEORobot Collectibles (“Resale”). ​In the event of a Resale
(secondary sale), we charge a royalty fee commission of 5.5%. You hereby agree to this commission being forwarded to us directly through the cryptocurrency network as part of your payment. We will not collect any commission for transactions that were not conducted via our website.
All prices already include statutory value-added tax, unless expressly otherwise stated.

III. Rights & Copyright

The contents, works and the information published and provided on our website is subject to Bulgaria copyright and ancillary copyright.
Aneo.io is the sole holder of all the rights and property rights to the services and contents provided on our website aneo.io.
You can only acquire rights to ANEO Robots Collectibles on our website. ANEORobots Collectibles are intangible digital assets that exist only on the basis of the proof kept in the cryptocurrency blockchain network and are not saved on a physical disk. Our website does not save, send or receive any AneoRobots Collectibles themselves. This is due to the fact that ANEORobots Collectibles exist only on the basis of the proof in the blockchain in the cryptocurrency network, specifically in the Ethereum blockchain.
If you purchase an ANEORobot Collectible, we shall grant you limited, not exclusive, transferable rights to use the ANEORobot Collectible for the following purposes:for personal, non-commercial use;
for the transaction of the rights on marketplaces, provided the marketplace cryptographically checks the rights of each ANEORobot Collectible purchaser to ensure that only the actual rights holder can display and transfer the ANEORobot Collectibles. In particular, the ANEORobot Collectibles may be transferred on the marketplace provided by us.
For inclusion, involvement or participation in video games on our website and/or applications or on a third-provider website or application provided that the website/application cryptographically checks the rights of each ANEORobot Collectible purchaser to ensure that only the actual rights holder can display and use the ANEORobot.
For the upgrade of characteristics, the ANOERobot Collectibles, provided the upgrades can be cryptographically checked. In particular, ANEORobot Collectibles can be upgraded through the services provided by us.

It will only be possible to visualize the ANEORobot Collectibles on the ANEO platform or that of a partner.
The rights granted apply only to the extent to which you continue to be the holder of the rights to the respective ANEORobot Collectibles. Once you transfer these, your rights lapse and expired.
Any kind of reproduction, processing, dissemination, saving and any kind of use beyond the limits of the rights requires our prior written approval. In particular, the ANEORobot Collectibles may not be:used to advertise the products or services of third parties;
used in connection with images, videos or other media that show hatred, intolerance and/or violence or infringe third-party rights;
used for commercial purposes.


V. Liability

ANEO shall endeavor to offer the service for access without interruptions as far as possible. Even when applying the greatest care, it is not possible to prevent downtimes when the web server cannot be accessed via the Internet on account of technical or other problems which are beyond the control of ANEO. The user acknowledges that the full availability (100%) of the website cannot be technically realized.
Unless otherwise stated in our Terms of Use including the following provisions, we shall be liable in the event of a breach of contractual and extra-contractual obligations in accordance with legal provisions
We shall only be liable for specific damages – within the limits of fault-based liability in case of intent and gross negligence. In case of simple negligence, we shall be liable in accordance with legal provisions subject to a milder standard of liability (e.g. for care applied to one’s own matters) onlyThe limitations of liability defined under 2. shall also apply to breaches of duty by or in favour of persons for whose fault we must assume responsibility in accordance with legal provisions or have assumed a guarantee for the condition of the ANEORobot Collectibles and for claims of the purchaser based on the Digital Product Liability Act.

As a user you are responsible for the implementation of reasonable measures to safeguard your Wallet, safe or another storage mechanism that you use for the purchase, exchange or use of platform-internal elements, tokens and/or other objects on the ANEO platform, currently consisting of a website, including all the required private passwords or other access data that are required for access to these storage mechanisms. As a platform organiser, ANEO is not responsible and shall remain not responsible for losses entailed in the loss of your access data or in third-party access to your access data.
Through the purchase of platform-internal articles and/or the receipt of NFT tokens and the use of the ANEO platform, you declare and guarantee the following:You have a sufficient understanding of and experience with cryptographic NFT tokens as well as particularly the Ethereum token storage mechanisms (e.g. token Wallets) and blockchain technology in order to understand these terms and understand the risks and effects of the acquisition, the procurement and the exchange of platform-internal elements on Ethereum.
You have read and understood these terms (including all the annexes, if available).
You have received sufficient information on the ANEO website to make an informed decision on the purchase, holding or exchange of platform-internal articles and/or NFT
You will not purchase, hold or exchange platform-internal articles and/or NFT tokens for purposes other than to take part in the ANEO platform or that of our partners and the platform functions declared in these Terms of Use on the website and/or on the platform.
Your purchase, your procurement and your exchange of articles, NFT tokens and crypto currencies tied to the platform comply with applicable laws and regulations in your place of jurisdiction, including but not limited to (i) the legal capacity and all other threshold requirements in your jurisdiction for the use and payment of Ether transaction fees and the conclusion of contracts with the platform organizer, (ii) all the foreign currency or regulatory restrictions for this purchase and (iii) all the government or other approvals that must be obtained.
You will comply with all the tax obligations applicable in your jurisdiction which arise from the purchase, the procurement or the exchange of cross-platform articles, if necessary.
If you purchase, hold or exchange any of our platform-independent articles or NFT tokens in the name of a natural or legal person, you are entitled to accept these terms in the name of this natural or legal person and this natural or legal person shall be responsible for any infringement of these terms by you or this natural or legal person or another employee or representative of this person.
You agree that when using the platform there is a risk that digital assets in the form of cryptocurrency can be lost, particularly through the loss of private keys, and that the platform organizer is not liable to you for any such loss.


VII. Third-Party & Fluctuations in NFT Value

The website may in the future contain what are known as “external links” to other partner websites, the contents of which are beyond our control. For this reason, we assume no liability for these contents. The respective providers of the linked website are responsible for the contents and the accuracy of the information provided. At the time of placing the link, no legal infringements were detected. If such a legal infringement becomes known, the link shall be immediately removed.
Furthermore, we have no influence on the applications, products or services of third parties or other websites such as MetaMask, Coinbase, Google Chrome, cryptocurrency networks which you access to enable use of the various functions of the website and/or app. The respective provider itself is responsible for the applications. For this reason, we assume no liability for these either.
The values of blockchain assets are subject to extreme fluctuations. We cannot guarantee that purchasers of ANeoRobot Collectibles will not lose money.

VIII. Indemnification

You undertake to indemnify ANEO from all third-party claims and from all liabilities, payment obligations, costs or damage that arise on account of or in connection withyour violations of the Terms of Use,
your infringements of industrial property rights or other rights of data protection provisions of third parties or
any misuse of the service by third parties if the misuse was rendered possible by your failing to take reasonable measures to protect your user name and password against misuse by third parties.

IX. Data protection

All personal data are collected, saved, processed and used in accordance with applicable data protection laws of the EU Data Protection Directive.

X. Amendments to the Terms of Use

We reserve the right to make changes to our services such as the website and the app and amend sets of rules, conditions, including these Terms of Use at any time. They are subject to the respective conditions in force at the time when you use our services.

XI. Miscellus

This Agreement and all the legal relationships of the parties are governed by the law of the Federal Republic of Bulgaria to the exclusion of the UN Sales Convention (CISG).
Should individual provisions of these Terms of Use be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. Invalid provisions shall be replaced by those that most closely approximate the meaning intended by the invalid provision. The same applies in the event of the occurrence of any gaps which need to be filled.
If a user is a merchant, the place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising under contractual relationships between the user and the company is the registered office of the company.
ANEO will not take part in dispute settlement procedures before a consumer arbitration board to settle disputes with consumers.

For any further questions please contact us at: [email protected].