What is ANEO Lore/Backstory? 

By the year 2050, the world has fallen into chaos. Earth has been ravaged by enormous disasters like tsunamis, earthquakes, and powerful volcanic eruptions. Humanity’s population dwindles drastically and most species of animals have slowly died off one by one, except those who live in the depths of oceans or deep underground. Yet with the worst of the apocalypse behind them, a small group of scientists have managed to use advanced robotic technology to create animal-like robots to serve as replacements for extinct species.

These advanced robots are called ANEOs, derived from the combination of the words “Animal” and “Neon” which describe their appearance. In order to use the ANEOs and transform them into powerful and brave warriors, volunteers must make the difficult decision to sacrifice their mortal bodies and transfer their soul, consciousness, and spirit into these robotic machines.

ANEOs have a characteristic green glow that comes from the human soul and its connection to mother nature. Each ANEO has a unique personality and fights fearlessly one another as they have the spirit of a warrior and the fighting instinct of a wild animal.

What is a Mecha Robot and Anime? 

Mecha Robots have extreme cultural popularity and millions of enthusiastic fans around the world. Mecha robots gave inspiration to many superheroes popular films like: Iron man, Matrix, Star Wars, as well as to many popular shooting and fighting video games like: Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Gundam, Titanfall and BattleTech.

Originating from Japan, "Robot Anime" or “Meka Robotto”  is one of the oldest science-fiction genres in Anime and Magna (Japanese animation artwork and comics).  Mecha Robots are humanoid robots which are controlled by people from a cockpit usually located in the chest or head of the robot, which creates a sophisticated fighting machine with unique combination of powerful characteristics and advanced futuristic weapons.

Anime content market size is expected to expand from $23.6 billion in 2020 to $48 billion in 2028. 

For more information click here: https://www.grandviewresearch.com/industry-analysis/anime-market

Where can I find your ANEO Gaming App?  

ANEO Gaming platform is currently in development and the first game mobile version planned to be released as is defined in our road map. Once released you will be able to find it in both AppStore (IOS Version) or GooglePlay (Android Version). 

What is ANEO NFT Gaming platform?  

The ANEO Gaming platform is an amazing 3D mobile PvP fighting game, Mortal Kombat style. The game will be available for both IOS and Android mobile devices . Only registered owners of ANEO Robot NFT will be allowed to play the game to level up, upgrade characteristics and increase the collectable value of ANEO NFT in the market.

What is the difference between different ANEO Gaming versions?  

The first single player version will run temporarily in an ACCELERATED MODE in which the user will have ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY to level up, upgrade ANEO robot performance compared to the normal regular gaming mode. When the second game version will be launched all game modes will be configured back to the normal regular mode, so to new users it will take much more time to level up and upgrade their robot. 

On which platforms will ANEO game be available?  

As most of the users play on their mobile our first version will be available in mobile phones, both Android and IOS (Apple), later we may consider launching on additional platforms like: Desktop, virtual reality (like Oculus) augmented reality and metaverses.  

What is NFT minting?  

Minting NFT means you are the first-hand owner of the NFT, as the digital art asset is for the first time registered under owner’s crypto wallet ID in the public Blockchain digital ledger to secure ownership rights of NFTs. The NFT. The blockchain record is fully secured and unchangeable, representing your NFT ownership, so you can exchange it directly with other collectors and trade it in NFT marketplaces.  

Which Blockchain technologies does ANEO project use?  

ANEO uses the best state of art and most secured WEB3 and blockchain technologies. 

(a) Solana: A blockchain digital ledger to secure ownership rights of NFTs, that currently offers a superior high-speed and low-cost fees compared to Etherium technology.

(b) Arweave: A secured form of database to store data that cannot be deleted or destroyed. 

When will the mint (launch) of ANEO NFT be? 

ANEO NFT first mint is planned to be launched in Q2-2022 according to our current roadmap. Please follow-up our publications and updates on the website and in our social networks pages

What do I need to purchase a minted ANEO NFT in Minting? 

To purchase an ANEO NFT in the mint, you first need to have a crypto wallet identifier (like a personal account number), with a wallet that works with the Solana blockchain and have sufficient ‘SOL’ balance to cover the NFT price and the Solana network minting fees.

Which Wallets can I use to purchase ANEO NFT in minting? 

For the first mint we will support the most popular and secure crypto wallets: Phantom, SolaFlare, Sollet. All these wallets are easy to download and super user friendly. Please note you also need to purchase Solana tokens from an exchange, and transfer it to your wallet to have sufficient Solana balance for the purchase.

In the future collections (which will be coming) we may consider adding additional Solana crypto wallet integrations.

How do I connect my Wallet to the website? 

Once minting will be available you will have to complete a simple and easy procedure of connecting your wallet. Once mint launches we will add to our website menu a “Connect Wallet” button with an explanation of the process. 

Where can I sell / trade ANEO NFT? 

After minting your ANEO NFT you will be able to trade and sell your ANEO NFT in an NFT marketplace like OpenSea  or Magic Eden, which has a huge amount of NFT transactions. In the future, ANEO may consider supporting additional marketplaces that support the Solana blockchain.

What are transaction fees in Solana? 

For each transaction the user has to pay an additional transaction fee when the NFT is minted andrecorded on the Solana blockchain; these fees are changed from time to time. Solana now boasts a theoretical peak capacity of 65,000 transactions per second and has become one of the most highly used blockchains today due to its speed and cheap transaction costs. Its fees for first mint are on the average about 0.01 SOL which is equivalent to about $1 (based on 1 SOL=$100).

Is Solana better than Etherium? 

Having the fastest blockchain has made Solana has been one of the largest and fastest-growing cryptocurrencies in the industry. Many developers migrated and started projects on the Solana chain because it was the fastest and had cheaper transaction fees.

Right now, both of these characteristics beat ETH hands-down. The Ethereum blockchain only supports 15 TPS, and the transaction fees can go as high as 10% of the transaction value. So Solana is far more useable as a currency today.

How can I get the ANEO in-game Token? 

When the ANEO gaming platform launches you will get an initial amount of ANEO in-game tokens and during your gaming activity you will be able to win additional in-game tokens for achievements and daily claims. ANEO in-game tokens can be used to level up to increase ANEO robot performance and its collectable value, thus you will have the chance to get for your ANEO NFT a much higher selling price in the market.  

How does ANEO Play-to-Earn mechanism work? 

There are few play-to earn models in our game. In first stage, as holder of ANEO NFT you will be able to play and win ANEO in-game tokens that can be accumulated and used only in the game to upgrade your own ANEO assets and to increase their performance and collectable value, thus you will have the chance to get a much higher selling price in the market for better performance characteristics that give advantage in the game. Secondly, upon launching our IDO for the ANEO tradable token, you will be able to win tradable ANEO tokens while playing, and exchange them for FIAT currencies, like US Dollars, Euro and many others. 

How can an ANEO NFT owner generate a passive income? 

Even if you are not a gamer, as an ANEO NFT owner you will be able to earn passive income by one of the following options, when others do for you the job: rental fixed fee, revenue share with talented players that play with your NFT, some kind of interest fee for locking  (stacking) your NFT in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platforms.



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